Become a KMA Member

Membership dues: $100 per year per member: for incumbent members payable before the end of February of each year and for new members payable upon joining KMA. 

Members in good standing have voting privileges and can run in KMA elections during the Annual General Meeting. 

Membership FAQ

Q. How do I become a KMA Member? 

A. Print and fill out and sign the Membership Form and then pay the membership dues. 


Q. I have filled out a form in a prior calendar year; do I need to fill out the form again? 

A. No, if you were a member in good standing in the previous year. Members who had their membership lapsed for a year or more need to fill out the form again. 


Q. Is the $100 dues, per family or per individual? 

A. The $100 dues is per individual. 


Q. Can my donations to KMA count towards membership dues? 

A. Yes, part of your donation can be credited towards the membership dues. 


Q. How do I submit the Membership Form? 

A. Submit the filled out and signed Membership Form to any KMA board member, drop it in the KMA Mossalla donation box or mail to the official KMA mailing address. 


Q. What happens after I submit the Membership Form? 

A. You will receive an email from KMA board confirming the acceptance of membership and a requesting you to pay the membership dues. 


Q. Will KMA share my information with others?

A. KMA will share member information with other members; if you do not want to share your information please send us an email to that effect such as “I do not want KMA to share my information with others.”

Download this file (KMA Membership Form 2016.pdf)KMA Membership Form 2016.pdf341 Kb

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